Business Setup in Qatar

Assistance In Initial Set-up

Our team of accredited business setup advisors will begin by giving you a free consultation to help you understand the process and answer any questions that you may have. Before you set up the business there are certain things that we need to sort out like getting the required documents, understanding the correct jurisdiction, making sure, analyzing the market, picking the right partner and various other things. Creative Zone Qatar offers a complete range of Qatar company formation services starting from consultancy to complete incorporation. We have extensive knowledge of the country’s local business and the land’s rules and regulations and can perfectly guide you to set up business seamlessly in the shortest possible time.

Corporate Structuring

According to Commercial Companies Law N.5 (2002), a company must have its headquarters in Qatar. Generally, the following types of companies can operate in Qatar:

  1. Joint Company
  2. Equities Partnership Company
  3. Limited Partnership Company
  4. Limited Liability Company
  5. Shareholding Company
  6. Particular Partnership Company
  7. Freelancer or self-employed

Document Requirements:

The below documents are required to incorporate business depending upon the type of corporate structuring.

If the shareholder is a Body Corporate incorporated outside Qatar:

  1. Certificate of Incorporation,
  2. Certificate proving good standing of the Company (if available)
  3. Memorandum / Articles of Association
  4. KYC Form of the Company


If the shareholder is a Body Corporate incorporated in Qatar:

  1. Commercial Registration issued by the Ministry of Economy & Commerce.
  2. Valid Trade License issued by Ministry of Economy & Commerce.
  3. Articles of Association of the Company
  4. Copy of a valid Establishment Card.
  5. KYC Form of the Company.


If the shareholder is a Natural Person:

  1. Valid passport copy of individual shareholder(s).
  2. KYC Form of shareholder(s). [Notarized OR Signed before QFZA]
  3. Copy of Qatar Identity. (applicable if the individual is a Qatari National / Resident)

Additional Documents
And Requirements For QFC

        Additional Requirements

  • Each entity must file a tax return every year. In the QFC,the income tax rate is 10% on locally-sourced profits.
  • Professional Indemnity Insurance (PII) will need to be acquired post-licensing.
  • Annual audit of financial statements.

       General Document Requirements

  • Proposed QFC company name
  • Proposed company legal structure (LLC/Branch)
  • Proposed company activities
  • Contact person full name
  • Phone
  • Email
  • Passport Nationality of the founder(s)

Steps and Timelines


Draft the Memorandum of Association (MOA) or Articles of Association – this document is crucial as it outlines the relevant details of the company and its objectives and is usually done with the help of a legal advisor. This will be presented like a business plan study.


Company Name Reservation – This is done in compliance with the rules of the country. The reservation of the name is typically done through the Ministry of Economy and Commerce.


The MOA/AOA is then to be attested by the relevant authority under the Ministry of Justice.


Only once the MOA / AOA is verified, that the trade license and tax certificate can be applied.


For all Mainland Companies, it is mandatory to have an address of a commercial office space against its name.


Once the trade license is obtained, the company can apply for a computer card or an establishment card from the ministry of interior. This is a crucial step while trying to register a company in Qatar.


Get (Tax Identification Number) TIN registered with the Public Revenue and Tax Authority


Get the Company Seal

Limited Liability Company Formation In Qatar

A Limited Liability Company (LLC) is the most common business entity option that an investor opts for in Qatar.

The minimum participants required to set up an LLC in Qatar are two and can get stretched to 50 with at least one Qatari shareholder.

This business entity in Qatar is formed under 51%-49% relationship where the foreign partners have the flexibility to own 49% of the entire shareholding whereas the remaining 51% needs to be held by the Qatari shareholder(s).

Legal Procedure Of Setting Up An LLC In Qatar

  • Draft the Articles of Association (AOA) of the company
  • Submit a request for Company Registration of a new company
  • Choose a Trade Name that needs to be authorized by the Commercial Registration Officer
  • Obtain the authenticated MOA by the Ministry of Justice
  • Make a deposit of QR 20,000 at the bank
  • Obtain a permission to commence a commercial activity from the authority
  • Subscription is to be made at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry
  • Obtain the Commercial Registration and License
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